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   dcterms:identifier "estimates-of-carbon-burial-and-primary-production-net-primary-production-npp-and-simulated-npp-and-air-sea-exchange-of-carbon-dioxide-for-the-exclusive-economic-zone";
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   gcis:tableNumber "16.4"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:title "Estimates of Carbon Burial and Primary Production, (a) Net Primary Production (NPP), (b) and Simulated NPP and Air-Sea Exchange of Carbon Dioxide (c) for the Exclusive Economic Zone Decomposition in Table 16.2 (d,e,g)"^^xsd:string;
   gcis:hasCaption "Notes<br>\r\n(a) Dunne et al. (2007).<br>\r\n(b) Balcom and Continental Shelf Associates (2011).<br>\r\n(c) Bourgeois et al. (2016).<br>\r\n(d) Included in carbon dioxide (CO2) exchange estimates are total and anthropogenic fluxes calculated by averaging the model years 1993–2012. Here all fluxes are relative to the coastal ocean reservoir (i.e., positive fluxes are a source to the coastal ocean, while negative fluxes are a sink).<br>\r\n(e) NPP, net primary production; g, grams; C, carbon; Tg, teragrams.<br>\r\n(f) See Table 16.3, p. 666, for region descriptions.<br>\r\n(g) Key: g C, grams of carbon; Tg C, teragrams of carbon.<br>"^^xsd:string;
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   a gcis:Table .