table : forest-carbon-stocks-in-teragrams-of-carbon-by-carbon-pool-in-north-america

Forest Carbon Stocks (in Teragrams of Carbon) by Carbon Pool in North America

table 9.2

This table appears in chapter 9 of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) Estimates based on FAO (2010).
(b) Estimates based on FAO (2016b).
(c) Not applicable.
(d) Estimates based on U.S. EPA (2018).
(e) Uncertainty estimates (noted by *) follow the convention described in Treatment of Uncertainty in SOCCR2 in the Preface.

This table is composed of this array :
567ac519 (5x6)
Country Aboveground Biomass Belowground Biomass Dead Wood Litter Soil
Canada (a) 11,162 2,746 4,683 11,666 19,729
Mexico (b) 1,597 396 2 NA (c) NA
United States (d) 14,182 2,923 2,570 2,680 28,774
Total (e) 26,941**** 6,065**** 7,255**** 14,346**** 48,503****
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