table : estimates-of-soil-carbon-storage-in-the-conterminous-united-states-in-different-land-use-classes

Estimates of Soil Carbon Storage in the Conterminous United States in Different Land-Use Classes (a-d)

table 12.1

This table appears in chapter 12 of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) Storage measured in soil down to 1 m in depth.
(b) All values are in petagrams of carbon (Pg C).
(c) No total is given for “Other Estimates” values because the values do not represent all land-use classes and some land-use classes likely overlap (e.g., urban is partially accounted for in agriculture [see d] and developed; range estimates likely include some agricultural land).
(d) “Agriculture” is listed in Sundquist et al. (2009) as “agriculture and developed”; “rangelands and pasture” is listed as “other” and includes all grasslands.
(e) RaCA, U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rapid Carbon Assessment.
(f) Domke et al. (2017).
(g) Pouyat et al. (2006).
(h) From the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2), Ch. 13: Terrestrial Wetlands
(i) Nahlik and Fennessy (2016).
(j) Total soil profile of carbon is 73 Pg.

This table is composed of this array :
8a64a04a (8x5)
Land Cover Soil Organic Carbon (from RaCA (e)) Soil Organic Carbon (Bliss et al., 2014) Soil Organic Carbon (Sundquist et al., 2009) Soil Organic Carbon (Other Estimates)
Forests and Woodlands 20 13. 25.1 28 (f)
Agriculture 13 13.4 27.4 (d)
Shrublands 5.6 9.7
Urban 3.3 1.9 (g)
Wetlands 14 8.9 13.5 (h) – 11.5 (i)
Rangelands (+ Pasture) 19 12.3 11.2 (d)
Totals 65 57.2 (j) 73.4
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