table : soil-organic-carbon-distribution-in-mexico-for-vegetation-types-with-top-five-highest-total-soil-carbon-estimates

Soil Organic Carbon Distribution in Mexico for Vegetation Types with Top Five Highest Total Soil Carbon Estimates (a)

table 12.3

This table appears in chapter 12 of the Second State of the Carbon Cycle Report (SOCCR2): A Sustained Assessment Report report.

(a) From the National Institute for Statistics and Geography of Mexico for 2007 (from Paz Pellat et al., 2016).

This table is composed of this array :
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Vegetation Types (Top Five) Area in Millions of Hectares Teragrams of Carbon Percent of Total
Grazing Lands 50 2,115 23
Deciduous Dry Forest 14 690 8
Desert Microphyll Shrub 22 600 7
Medium Semi-Evergreen Forest 5 570 6
Oak Forest 11 564 6
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