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   dcterms:identifier "carbon-accumulation-rate-car-and-associated-data-for-tidal-estuarine-salt-and-brackish-marsh";
   gcis:isTableOf <>;
   gcis:tableNumber "15.2"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:title "Carbon Accumulation Rate (CAR) and Associated Data  for Tidal Estuarine (Salt and Brackish) Marsh (a)"^^xsd:string;
   gcis:hasCaption "Notes <br> (a) From Ouyang and Lee (2014). <br> (b) 2σ = 2 standard errors.  <br> (c) Regional burial calculated for all tidal wetland types regardless of salinity or vegetation type. <br> (d) Key: n, number of sites; g C, grams of carbon; Tg C, teragrams of carbon."^^xsd:string;
   gcis:isTableOf <>;
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   a gcis:Table .