reference : Human Settlements, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning

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Author Seto, K. C.; S. Dhakal; A. Bigio; H. Blanco; G. C. Delgado; D. Dewar; L. Huang; A. Inaba; A. Kansal; S. Lwasa; J. E. McMahon; D. B. Müller; J. Murakami; H. Nagendra; A. Ramaswami
Book Title Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change. Contribution of Working Group III to the Fifth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
Editor Edenhofer, O.; R. Pichs-Madruga; Y. Sokona; E. Farahani; S. Kadner; K. Seyboth; A. Adler; I. Baum; S. Brunner; P. Eickemeier; B. Kriemann; J. Savolainen; S. Schlömer; C. von Stechow; T. Zwickel; J.C. Minx
Pages 923-1000
Place Published Cambridge, UK and New York, NY, USA
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Title Human Settlements, Infrastructure and Spatial Planning
Year 2014
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