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022d9a5d-eec8-4a96-b6f0-6093575ecbc7 3.10: Kaya Identity Decomposition, 2000 to 2015
09fd37c9-7b4a-4034-97e9-81e4d7eab73c 9.1: Hectares (ha) of Aboveground Forest Biomass Across North America
0f221dbe-1d51-4b86-9d33-4d9fb9e924b1 5.1: U.S. Planted Area: Corn, Wheat, Soybeans, and Upland Cotton, 1990 to 2015
13f8598b-4f97-441d-a8be-1b5ffedc07ff 3.9: Change in Cumulative Share of Carbon Dioxide Emissions from Fossil Fuel Burning, Cement Manufacture, and Gas Flaring
15052ed0-c13c-4b55-ac80-08f7a974e8fd ES.2: ES.2. Major Carbon Fluxes of North America
18cf25b1-861f-4eef-a429-b35fc137ff56 ES.3: ES.3. Total Carbon Budget of North American Aquatic Ecosystems
2304f206-01ae-45b8-9a60-9aeca8e17f54 9.6: LandViz: A Forest Management and Planning Tool
2330c03d-b1fb-4b62-aac9-e9af4e082f45 2.3: Major Components of the North American Carbon Cycle
2483563d-0fee-4542-865e-9c6a0ddd4d7c 15.3: Tidal Marsh Methane (CH4) Emissions Versus Salinity
2622bfff-802e-40ab-b3e3-34c830f7b51d 15.2: Map of the Main Coastal Regions and Associated Drainage Basins of North America
275be932-ff3b-40c5-9d76-add7759c2777 2.5: Estimates of the North American Carbon Sink in this Century
2956255c-8b5f-4d1b-bc79-b9c54c5b69b2 5.4: U.S. Per Capita Total Consumption of Dairy Products
30fda00c-5621-4e81-8f9d-c27bec7c16cf 3.13: Incremental Energy System Costs in 2050
3199bac5-16b4-47cd-bcd3-75a647c08f61 5.3: U.S. Per Capita Beef Consumption
33c62427-bd86-441a-a207-842046c0aa58 17.5: Ocean Impacts Projected by High and Low Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Emissions Scenarios
33c7d23e-7a4d-4d33-a993-7b2a5936d5d6 7.3: Traditional Composting and Soil Carbon Enrichment
34bf4942-2f35-4201-8206-b79a9e48a4e7 13.2: Carbon Pools and Fluxes in Forested and Nonforested Mineral Soil Wetlands and Peatlands in North America
355990d4-be89-413d-b31f-77b05c003e70 3.4: North American Primary Energy Consumption and Carbon Emissions, 2000 to 2015
3571f83f-e9b8-4b6d-a470-63bad72c38a4 ES.4: ES.4. Global Monthly Mean Atmospheric Methane and Carbon Dioxide Concentrations
369b0493-6ce3-4b29-a9ad-db21a05f4b57 3.5: North American Natural Gas Share of Primary Energy and Electricity Generation, 2000 to 2015
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