reference : Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Synthesis

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Author Reid, W. V.; H. A. Mooney; A. Cropper; D. Capistrano; S. R. Carpenter; K. Chopra; P. Dasgupta; T. Dietz; A. K. Duraiappah; R. Hassan; R. Kasperson; R. Leemans; R. M. May; T. McMichael; P. Pingali; C. Samper; R. Scholes; R. T. Watson; A. H. Zakri; Z. Shidong; N. J. Ash; E. Bennett; P. Kumar; M. J. Lee; C. Raudsepp-Hearne; H. Simons; J. Thonell; M. B. Zurek
Place Published Washington, DC
Publisher Island Press
Title Ecosystems and Human Well-being: Synthesis
Year 2005
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