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   dcterms:identifier "usaid-climresilient-2014";
   dcterms:title "Climate-Resilient Development: A Framework for Understanding and Addressing Climate Change"^^xsd:string;
   dbpprop:pubYear "2014"^^xsd:gYear;
   gcis:hasURL ""^^xsd:anyURI;
   dcterms:description "This framework updates the approach presented in 2007 in USAID’s Adapting to Climate Variability and Change: A Guidance Manual for Development Planning. It promotes a “development-first” approach, helping to achieve development goals despite climate change. It walks readers through a process of understanding development goals in a given country or community, the inputs and conditions necessary to achieve those goals, and the stresses – climate and non-climate – that can impede progress toward those goals, in order to then identify priority adaptation measures."^^xsd:string;

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   dcterms:subject "Adaptation"^^xsd:string;

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