Report : usda-climate-change-global-food-security-us-food-system-2015

Climate Change Global Food Security and the U.S. Food System

2015 report

This report was prepared as part of the United States National Climate Assessment and part of the President's Climate Action Plan (PCAP). USDA led the production of the report on behalf of the thirteen Federal Agencies of the U.S. Global Change Research Program. Thirty-one authors and contributors-- representing nineteen federal, academic, nongovernmental, and intergovernmental institutions in four countries-- prepared the report.. In response to the PCAP, this report integrates research from the biophysical and the social sciences across multiple sectors in order to evaluate climate-driven changes in global food security and analyze the U.S. role in food security in a changing world.

This report has 14 chapters, 38 figures , 0 findings, 6 tables and 0 references.

DOI : 10.7930/J0862DC7

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