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This table appears in chapter adaptation-efforts-us-natural-resource-science-management-agencies of the Climate Change Adaptation in United States Federal Natural Resource Science and Management Agencies: A Synthesis report.

Examples of climate change adaptation efforts by American Indian tribes across the nation. This table is not exhaustive but gives a sample of some of the actions being taken by tribes in response to climate change. Websites provide additional information on the listed adaptation efforts and guiding documents.

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Tribe Location Adaptation Efforts Guides Website(s)
Bad River Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Northern Wisconsin Examining climate change effects on forest resources Identifying possible adaptation options Incorporating climate change into Integrated Resources Management Plan Integrated Resources Management Plan (in preparation) http://forestadaptation. org/node/205
Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians Oregon Working to restore and protect traditional foods from climate change through forest thinning treatments, hazardous fuel reductions, and meadow restoration
Coquille Indian Tribe Western Oregon Preparing Climate Action Plan Established Climate Change Committee Researching climate change impacts, engaging the community, and strengthening partnerships Climate Action Plan (in preparation) tribalclimatechange/ tribes/northwest_coquille. asp
Fond Du Lac Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Northeast Minnesota Reforesting lands, prescribed burning, conducting fuel reduction treatments, and engaging in public education Resource management plan acknowledges several impacts of climate change and the need for more research and adaptation measures Integrated Resource Management Plan tribalclimatechange/ tribes/greatlakes.asp; newnr/IRMP.pdf
Forest County Potawatomi Northeast Wisconsin Active participant in the Wisconsin Climate Change Task Force tribalclimatechange/ tribes/greatlakes_ fcpotawatomi.asp
Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa Northeast Minnesota Developing an adaptation and mitigation plan for climate change effects on subsistence species, fisheries, invasive species, and forests tribalclimatechange/ tribes/greatlakes_lschippewa. asp
Hualapai Tribe Arizona Written plans for drought conditions and fire and watershed management Drought Contingency Plan, Fire Management Plan, Watershed Management Plan html
Karuk Tribe Northern California Integrate traditional ecological knowledge with science to inform ecosystem management Adaptation efforts include prescribed burns and forest thinning Eco-Cultural Resource Management Plan departments/natural-resources/
Navajo Nation Northeast Arizona, Northwest New Mexico, Southeast Utah Used projections of future climate to inform a Drought Contingency Plan Conducted study of sand dunes highlighting climate change impacts Conducting a Land Use Planning Project that addresses climate change Water Resources Development Strategy; Drought Contingency Plan tribalclimatechange/ tribes/southwest.asp; http://www.frontiernet. net/~nndwr_wmb/PDF/ drought/drghtcon_ plan2003_final.pdf
Nez Perce Tribe Northern Idaho Developed Water Resources Division climate change adaptation plan Conduct surveys of natural resources Clearwater River Subbasin (ID) Climate Change Adaptation Plan http://www.mfpp. org/wp-content/ uploads/2012/03/ ClearwaterRiver-Subbasin_ ID_Forest-and-Water- Climate-Adaptation- Plan_2011.pdf
Oglala Lakota Southwest South Dakota Working on mitigating climate change, promoting sustainability, and developing adaptation measures Oglala Lakota Plan (regional plan for sustainable development) tribalclimatechange/ tribes/plains_oglala.asp; http://www.oglalalakotaplan. org/
Pueblo of Tesuque Northern New Mexico Conducting watershed management and planning, invasive species removal, water quality monitoring, wildland restoration, grassland restoration, forest thinning, and wildlife monitoring tribalclimatechange/ tribes/southwest_tesuque. asp
Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe Northern New York Bringing many Indian Nations together to identify priorities in adaptation planning Identifying changes in climate and resulting impacts, including cultural impacts tribalclimatechange/ tribes/northeast_stregismohawk. asp
Swinomish Tribe Northwest Washington Developed Impact Assessment Report on climate change effects for Swinomish communities Completed Climate Change Action Plan with recommendations, priorities, and steps for adaptation implementation Climate Adaptation Action Plan http://www.swinomish- change/climate_main. html
Tulalip Tribe Northwest Washington Developed Tulalip Adaptation and Mitigation Policy Frameworks for Climate Change Strive to develop climate change policies and actions that are: integrated, cross-scale, adaptive, restorative, participatory, and sustainable http://www.tulalip.nsn. us/ CC%20FLYER.pdf
Tuscarora Nation Western New York Practice land stewardship and conduct restoration of soil and fish and wildlife habitat to prepare for climate change tribalclimatechange/ tribes/northeast_tuscarora. asp
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