Figure : the-impact-of-climate-change-on-physical-mental-and-community-health

The Impact of Climate Change on Physical, Mental, and Community Health

Figure 8.2

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Andrea Maguire

This figure appears in chapter 8 of the The Impacts of Climate Change on Human Health in the United States: A Scientific Assessment report.

At the center of the diagram are human figures representing adults, children, older adults, and people with disabilities. The left circle depicts climate impacts including air quality, wildfire, sea level rise and storm surge, heat, storms, and drought. The right circle shows the three interconnected health domains that will be affected by climate impacts—Medical and Physical Health, Mental Health, and Community Health. (Figure source: adapted from Clayton et al. 2014).f66b946f-c672-4a4b-8f71-1b05738e029e

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This figure was created on December 05, 2014.

The spatial range for this figure is N/A° to N/A° latitude, and N/A° to N/A° longitude.

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