reference : West Nile virus: Epidemiology and ecology in North America

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Author Komar, N.
Book Title The Flaviviruses: Detection, Diagnosis and Vaccine Development
DOI 10.1016/s0065-3527(03)61005-5
Editor Chambers, Thomas; Monath, Thomas
ISBN 0065-3527 (Print) 0065-3527 (Linking)
Keywords Animals; Bird Diseases/virology; Birds/virology; Culex/virology; Disease Reservoirs; Ecosystem; Horse Diseases/virology; Horses/virology; Humans; Insect Vectors; Molecular Epidemiology; North America/epidemiology; Risk Factors; West Nile Fever/*epidemiology/transmission/veterinary; West Nile virus/genetics
Notes Komar, Nicholas eng Review 2004/01/13 05:00 Adv Virus Res. 2003;61:185-234.
Pages 185-234
Place Published London, UK
Publisher Elsevier Academic Press
Title West Nile virus: Epidemiology and ecology in North America
Volume 61
Year 2003
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