reference : Hispanics and the Future of America

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Abstract Hispanics and the Future of America presents details of the complex story of a population that varies in many dimensions, including national origin, immigration status, and generation. The papers in this volume draw on a wide variety of data sources to describe the contours of this population, from the perspectives of history, demography, geography, education, family, employment, economic well-being, health, and political engagement. They provide a rich source of information for researchers, policy makers, and others who want to better understand the fast-growing and diverse population that we call Hispanic. The current period is a critical one for getting a better understanding of how Hispanics are being shaped by the U.S. experience. This will, in turn, affect the United States and the contours of the Hispanic future remain uncertain. The uncertainties include such issues as whether Hispanics, especially immigrants, improve their educational attainment and fluency in English and thereby improve their economic position; whether growing numbers of foreign-born Hispanics become citizens and achieve empowerment at the ballot box and through elected office; whether impending health problems are successfully averted; and whether Hispanics geographic dispersal accelerates their spatial and social integration. The papers in this volume provide invaluable information to explore these issues.
Author NRC
Editor Tienda, M.; Mitchell, F.
ISBN 978-0-309-10051-9
Keywords Behavioral and Social Sciences
Language English
Number of Pages 502
Place Published Washington, D.C.
Publisher National Research Council. The National Academies Press
Title Hispanics and the Future of America
Year 2006
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