reference : Health in the new scenarios for climate change research

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Abstract The climate change research community is developing a toolkit for creating new scenarios to explore and evaluate the extensive uncertainties associated with future climate change and development pathways. Components of the toolkit include pathways for greenhouse gas emissions over this century and their associated magnitude and pattern of climate change; descriptions of a range of possible socioeconomic development pathways, including qualitative narratives and quantitative elements; and climate change policies to achieve specific levels of radiative forcing and levels of adaptive capacity. These components are combined within a matrix architecture to create a scenario. Five reference socioeconomic development pathways have been described along axes describing increasing socioeconomic and environmental challenges to adaptation and to mitigation. This paper extends these global pathways to describe their possible consequences for public health and health care, and considers the additional elements that could be added to increase the relevance of the new scenarios to address a wider range of policy relevant questions than previously possible.
Author Ebi, K. L.
DOI 10.3390/ijerph110100030
Date Jan
ISSN 1660-4601
Issue 1
Journal International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health
Keywords *Climate Change; Humans; Public Health/*trends; Socioeconomic Factors
Pages 30-46
Title Health in the new scenarios for climate change research
Volume 11
Year 2014
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