Figures in Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2010

title numeric chapter files
Autonomous Measurement of Ocean Carbon Flux Profiles 1
Methane Release from Ancient Landforms 10
Ocean Acidification in the North Pacific 11
Ocean Biomes Mapped from Satellite 12
Patterns of Deforestation 13
Satellite Monitoring of Crop Yields 14
Short-Lived Air Pollutants Influence Temperature Trends 15
Surface Calibration of Satellite Ocean Color Observations 16
Trends in Soil Moisture 17
Climate-Induced Changes in Animal Migration 2
Climate-Induced Changes in Bull Trout Habitat 3
Clouds in Earth's Energy Budget 4
Earth's Global Annual Average Energy Budget 5
Forest Disturbance Mapped from Space 6
Global Land Survey Examples 7
Influence of Sea Surface Temperatures on Continental U.S. Temperatures 8
Lower Atmosphere Ozone Transport 9