Figure : sea-level-rise-map-services-sandy-recovery

Sea Level Rise Map Services for Sandy Recovery

Figure 3.9

Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA, The White House Council on Environmental Quality, U.S. Global Change Research Program USGCRP, Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

This figure appears in chapter 3 of the Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2014 report.

Map of current (yellow) and potential future (pink) flood risks for a portion of the New Jersey coastline. The different shades of pink represent four future scenarios with sea-level rise ranging from 8 inches to 6.6 feet. (Source: Sea-Level Rise Map Services produced by NOAA in partnership with FEMA, USACE, CEQ, and USGCRP;

When citing this figure, please reference Sea-Level Rise Map Services, NOAA, FEMA, USACE, CEQ, and USGCRP

Free to use with credit to the original figure source.

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