Figure : modeling-energy-sector-risks-opportunities

Modeling energy sector risks and opportunities

Figure 3.25

U.S. Department of Energy

This figure appears in chapter 3 of the Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2016 report.

Future scenarios of natural gas supply and demand (top left) are generated using an integrated assessment model. This information serves as input (open arrow) to an infrastructure model, which projects required pipeline growth, new storage needs, and other infrastructural changes for each scenario (bottom). Finally, output from climate models (top right) is used to evaluate (shaded arrow) the resilience of each configuration produced by the infrastructure model. This multi-model approach helps to capture the complex dynamics that link human and natural systems. (Source: DOE)

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The spatial range for this figure is 24.545219° to 49.371742° latitude, and -124.762146° to -66.957802° longitude.

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