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   dcterms:identifier "studying-thunderstorms-night";
   gcis:figureNumber "2.2"^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:title "Studying Thunderstorms by Night"^^xsd:string;
   gcis:hasCaption "A Plains Elevated Convection at Night (PECAN) mobile observing station. The PECAN campaign focused on characterizing conditions that lead to nighttime storm formulation over the Great Plains, towards improving the ability of climate models to make long-term projections of precipitation and hydrology. (Source: James Kurdzo). "^^xsd:string;
   dcterms:rights [ rdf:value "Public domain"^^xsd:string; ];
   gcis:isFigureOf <>;
   gcis:isFigureOf <>;

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   a gcis:Figure, doco:Figure .