Figure : interagency-data-products-and-research-support-hurricane-response-and-recovery-in-the-carolinas

Interagency data products and research support hurricane response and recovery in the Carolinas

Figure 2.3

This figure appears in chapter 2 of the Our Changing Planet: The U.S. Global Change Research Program for Fiscal Year 2020 report.

This image of Pee Dee River in South Carolina was captured by NASA’s Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle Synthetic Aperture Radar (UAVSAR) instrument aboard a September 17, 2018 science flight. The color composite image shows extensive water inundation, which is visible as various shades of pink pixels, along the present-day river and old river bed across a broad area of 8 to 10 km. Black: flooded ground, smooth bare ground (e.g., roads), or open water (e.g., river). Pink: flooded vegetation. Green: vegetation. Brightness indicates strength of radar backscatter.

When citing this figure, please reference NASA/Google..

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