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RCP 2.6

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

The RCP 2.6 is developed by the IMAGE modeling team of the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency. The emission pathway is representative for scenarios in the literature leading to very low greenhouse gas concentration levels. It is a so-called "peak" scenario: its radiative forcing level first reaches a value around 3.1 W/m2 mid-century, returning to 2.6 W/m2 by 2100. In order to reach such radiative forcing levels, greenhouse gas emissions (and indirectly emissions of air pollutants) are reduced substantially over time. The final RCP is based on the publication by Van Vuuren et al. (2007).

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this scenario cito:isCitedBy The representative concentration pathways: an overview
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figure 25.5: Sea Level Rise prov:wasDerivedFrom this scenario
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